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As an independent cloud architect I specialise in everything Google Cloud Platform, G Suite as well as distributed computing with open-source software. Helping ambitious SMEs achieve their goals.

With fellow technologists I share a vision of automation and connectedness, yet am very concerned with the mid and long-term effects of the digital divide in South Africa. I’m always happy to discuss issues in this area.

PSA: I quit Twitter

Yeah, I don’t think I have to elaborate on the pros and cons of Twitter. The internet has better places to offer.

DNS, the DevOps way

Gareth Dwyer delivers entertaining talks one could describe as tech talk standup. I very much enjoy them. He’s a brilliant software engineer and reignited my respect for technical writing. At a recent DevOps Cape Town meetup he presented a simple set of tasks and their realisation. In the end sparking a discussion with the question: “Is this the DevOps way?”. As it is typical for backoffice applications, email plays a central role, which in turn means dealing with dangerously unusable web UI of rent-seeking local registrars.