If you or your organisation has well-established productivity patterns in place, I’m happy to comply. But if you’re interested in how I try to organise my project work with clients, here’s an overview:

Meeting scheduling

Staying on top of my schedule is important for my general health, but also vital to resource planning with both project work and retainers.

  • Make use of one of my 30 min appointment slots and schedule an appointment.
  • Either attendee agrees to send 2-4 calendar invitation options as [TITLE] OptN (eg. Backend Opt3) of which participants confirm the most convenient and decline the others.

Conf calls

  • I prefer Hangouts Meet for audio conferencing and screen sharing. It’s robust, easy to use, supports all browsers, iOS, and Android. Every calendar invitation I send out contains a unique link we can meet in, as shown here: Example meeting with conf URL
  • Sharing shells via tmux is fun, light weight, and also practical because it’s separate from the conf call stack. 😊
  • Check out Chrome Remote Desktop if you haven’t seen it yet.

Project management

  • Purely for software development, nothing beats GitLab, GitHub, and BitBucket.
  • For a mix of tasks, the simplest common denominator is using a spreadsheet for project management.

Chat and chatops

Personal comms

Above covers all my professional engagements and for personal comms I additionally use Signal, Duo, Android Messages (RCS)